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Beetle Mania at Maruca!

October 28, 2020 1 min read

This season we wanted to feature one of our most versatile shapes...the Beetle Wristlet!

Small wristlet wallet by Maruca

Is it a wallet? Is it a clutch? Is it a conversation starter?

The votes are in and it's a resounding YES to all three! With three zippered pockets and wipeable water resistant liner, this little Beetle contains enough space to protect all your basics. This artsy accessory invites limitless possibilities and is designed to fit the specific needs of the hand (or wrist) that wears it. Each strap is artfully designed to be durable yet stylish – did we mention it's also REMOVABLE?

Part of the Beetle charm is cultivated from the fabric wristlet that is carefully hand-made by our local seamstresses. Each stitch is an enduring expression of our commitment to create handcrafted wearable art made in the USA. Our jacquard woven fabrics ensures that each design appeals to both the visual and tactile senses, highlighting not only our fascination with fabrics but our passion to provide contemporary bags for the confident and creative individual!

The utility of the Beetle transforms the everyday into an enriching's ready when you are, a grab-and-go modern design that bridges the best of both worlds! Whether you're looking for a small convenient carry-all or keeping the essentials sheltered inside one of our mid-sized crossbodies, we know you'll appreciate the broad functionality of this hand-held accessory.

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