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The Maruca Method

November 12, 2020 1 min read

Maruca Team

Maruca Design is unique on many levels, including the way we manufacture our bags. Our founding philosophy is: Our bags are never mass produced! So how do we supply our customers with such a wide array of unique and contemporary bags? We achieve this by relying on the cottage industry to preserve the quality of our textile bags.

What exactly is cottage industry? It's a manufacturing activity that is carried out in a person's home. Maruca uses only skilled master sewers who are independent contractors. While all the fabric & bags are designed in our local studio, the creation of each bag is hand sewn by a real person at their home!

Maruca fabrics

You might be wondering “Why does Maruca do it this way?” We believe in offering a personal, hand-made product with long lasting quality and durability. Additionally, the benefits of the cottage industry are abundant. But we feel most passionate about these three:

  • Creating on a small scale ensures the highest standards for all our bags

  • Preserving the history of “made in the USA” quality craftsmanship

  • Employing skilled contractors who work from home grants them the freedom to make their own schedules, spend more time with their families, and is more environmentally efficient!

Maruca Design will always be dedicated to creating wearable art and supporting independent craftsmen. So, whether you are slipping on your crossbody or taking your travel bag on a new adventure, you can take comfort in knowing that every zipper, pocket, and adjustable strap was hand-sewn just for you!

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