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Fashion vs. Style?

December 04, 2020 2 min read

Actress Lily Tomlin seen Wearing A Maruca Bag

Maruca’s Cupcake sling featured on Grace and Frankie show.@allysonfanger  @alembika

Fashion has its vogue names for different genres of style: Bohemian (Boho), Vintage, Couture, Chic, Avant-garde, Punk, Street Style, Sophisticated, Celebrity and Artsy to name a few. The latest, is Indie Style, in short for individual. We identify closely with the last one. Maruca has long given up, or even cares for that matter, where it fits into the fashion world. Far too daunting.

In fact, we believe there is a monumental difference between fashion and style. Fashion takes much work and research as to be kept informed as to what is current and "new". As for Style, we believe it comes from within, the individual's personal style. Maruca bags, particularly the fabric combinations, are designed with creative enthusiasm. While inspired by current climates of some trends, we forge ahead with what we feel is timeless and graphically stimulating. The reactions and devotion to the ongoing collecting of our bags by our customers tells us they are confident with their style. We share in their ritual that this accessory, the bag, needs to service us and be joyful to wear. Since the dawn of time, a woman's bag represents who she is. 

Another fashion zinger expression, "age appropriate", fortunately has no impact on our designing. Not to be held hostage in what style of clothing women wear free's us up to soar with creativity. It's about the bags. Our followers themselves tend to select the fabric they love rather than over thinking will it go with every outfit. It's kinda like buying art to match a sofa instead of buying a piece of art simply because you love it. Our customer base consists of all ages, which is the strawberries and cream of success to us. We say, "our bags carry no emotional baggage". Make fashion fun… stay empowered in your style. Wear what makes you sing!

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