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Bee Charitable

October 22, 2020 3 min read

We could all use a bit of good news right now; something to lift our spirits and show that we can make a small difference in the world.
Maruca Fabric Bags in Bee Patterns

Well...Maruca Design has some exciting news to share with you! This past season, Maruca Design featured a textile bursting with a bright bee design that kept us buzzing throughout our Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Not only were we “Buzzed about Textiles” but we were committed to saving the bees! Why bees, you might ask? Well, aside from providing endless possibilities for puns - the survival of the honeybee is actually of vital importance in our agricultural system! Did you know that one out of every three mouthfuls of our food depend on pollinators? Bees are beyond a friend to our flowers; they contribute directly to our food supply! With these important insects in mind and thanks to you, the Buzzed fabric has become one of our best-selling designs! Because the inspiration for this fabric brought awareness to the plight of the bees, we were compelled to give back. That's right, Maruca Design is thrilled to announce that a portion of the profits from every bag sold featuring our busy little bees has been donated to organizations that focus on preserving the global bee population! With your support, we were able to directly impact FOUR fabulous bee-friendly charities:

Planet Bee's mission is to “change the world – one bee and one student at a time!” They encourage environmental literacy and offer educational workshops (now virtual) to foster lasting care of the struggling honeybee. With our donation, they are directly reaching out to students to inspire a life-long passion of conservation!

Heifer International let us know that Maruca's donation was received by the organization during a time when they had a “Double the Gift” sponsorship. That means that our donation of 50 new beehives was met by a Heifer partner and ultimately funded 100 new beehives! These beehives are part of the Rural Entrepreneurs program which affords female farmers the ability to double the number of their beehives and their income!

Bee Informed Partnership is a data driven nonprofit designed to gather information on all things honeybee related! Their research and findings are made available to the public so that we can all take part in preservation efforts. Knowledge is power!

The Bee Conservancy focuses on creating bee sanctuaries that enrich diverse ecosystems. They have increased stable hives and found dedicated areas in urban environments to let honey bees flourish!

Our contributions to these charities would not have been possible without YOU! We believe that by helping the bees, we can help others as well. While Maruca Design maintains the philosophy of producing contemporary bags hand-made in the USA, we recognize that we are part of a global community. The organizations that received funds were thoughtfully chosen to help our bees at home and abroad! If you feel like you missed out on all the buzz, fret not! Although our donation program is completed, we still have travel bags, accessories, and crossbody slings in our Buzzed fabric! At Maruca Design, we create artsy bags which reflect the intent and individuality of the wearer. We hope you will share our joy in bee-ing able to give back this season!

Click here to read and learn more about saving the precious Bees.

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