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Small Crossbody Slings are the heartbeat of Maruca!

October 15, 2020 1 min read

SMALL CROSSBODY SLINGS are the heartbeat of Maruca Design. Why?

Shop Maruca's small crossbody bags

Let us tell you! Ultimately, it's the intrigue of our textiles that produces wearable art. Our bags are offered in a variety of contemporary patterns that appeals to people with different artful perceptions.

People who carry Maruca bags are creative in their own right. Many create art of their own and others naturally value art. Regardless of age, they are keenly secure in their own style. They don’t fall victim to trend and only wears what makes them happy.

All our fabrics are woven in the USA and our bags are designed and handmade in Colorado.

Here are some helpful tidbits when making choices as to which bag to purchase: The Cupcake sling is sweet because of her simple appearance; you can dress it up or down!It is also popular for gifting to friends.

The Busy Bee has an open front pocket and a zipped back pocket. Again, it's about individual needs!

Tomboy sling! Is a horizontal shape! Some people say it's easier to access. You be the judge.

The Pocket Bag is tried and true. A great everyday and travel bag.

So, as you can see, we got you covered in your daily voyages...happy sailing!

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