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Redesign for Fall

October 08, 2020 2 min read

With summer fading into fall, Maruca Design has been busy at work redesigning while still preserving our artful aesthetic. Are you curious to hear the buzz about our featured Busy Bee small crossbody? Have you heard about the new Heidi Wallet? We wanted to refresh a few of our favorites for the Fall collection and are excited to share these delightful designs straight from our studio! For our fall launch we received quite a bit of curious inquiries regarding the Cupcake and Li’l Buddy, WHERE ARE THEY? Well, this season we decided to do a bit of condensing in the line and morphed the two into the ultimate little sling - creating simplicity and balance in one unique design. Meet the Busy Bee! This small cross-body provides the roomy boxed bottom of the Li’l Buddy, accentuated with the gentle curved open pocket featured on the Cupcake. This new little sling transforms the functional design from two endearing fan-favorites into a thoughtful and sophisticated new form that is sure to embody the essence of both. We hope you'll be inspired to give the Busy Bee a place at your side! (If you’re still craving the Cupcake or missing the Li’l Buddy – we currently offer both in our Spring 2020 fabric – you can find them under *Small Crossbodies)

Small sized accessory bag made of Jacquard fabric by Maruca

We know it's 'what's on the inside that counts' and that's why we've boxed the bottom on our new and improved Heidi Wallet. This enhanced shape allows a wider depth from within for an extra bit of storage space. Don't worry though, the Heidi is still a sleek accessory with two zippered fact, our new bottom creates easier access at the top! We wanted to give you more room for what's important to YOU! As always, we strive to provide creative contemporary bags that enrich the lives of those who wear them and we invite you to try out our new Heidi Wallet in one of our fabulous fall fabrics!

While our bag designs may change, our commitment to creating wearable art made in the USA remains! Whether you're looking to fall in love with a new bag or find yourself drawn to an upgraded favorite, Maruca Design will continue to weave the function of design with the beauty and love of textiles!

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