Undersea Majesty

Spring/Summer 2019 collection

Under the ever changing blue waters, the real allure lives beneath . . . a beautiful, fascinating and delicate culmination of reef gardens and marine life . . . known as the “rainforest of the sea”. These fantastical species have surfaced in Maruca’s summer textiles, all in a dazzling array of soft and brilliant tones. Maruca recognizes the vulnerability of these majestic reefs and acknowledges their critical impact on our planet. Maruca textiles are a Jacquard weave, all woven in USA mills and designed in house!


Fractal Minds

Fall/Winter 2018 collection

What are fractals you may wonder?.......they are never-ending patterns. We are surrounded by fractals. Nature is full of them. These complex organic patterns have emerged in Maruca’s Fall textile collection. The next time you cut into a broccoli stem or study a sea shell, observe the repeating patterns..........amazing and so fascinating!