→ Take our survey and be entered to win a Li’l Buddy! – 8/10/2018

Maruca Fall 2018 Fabric Survey


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→ Meet Li’l Buddy! – 8/7/2018

Li'l Buddy

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→ Fall/Winter 2018 collection is now online! – 7/27/2018

Fall/Winter 2018 collection is now online!

→ Maruca Slings for your summer travel! – 5/22/2018

Maruca Slings

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→ 25% off Accessories & Bed Pockets! – 5/1/2018

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25% off Accessories & Bed Pockets!


→ Take a moment to breathe with Maruca’s Spring/Summer video! – 4/10/2018

→ Celebrate the first day of Spring with 30% off! – 3/20/2018

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30% off Mod Egg Patterns!

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→ Maruca’s Spring/Summer 2018 Homewares! – 3/14/2018

Maruca's Homeware Textiles

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→ Will you be our Valentine? – 2/14/2018

→ Strut your stuff! – 2/1/2018

Think Red!


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→ Spring/Summer 2018 collection is now online! – 1/26/2018

Maruca's Spring/Summer 2018 collection is now online!!

→ To all our little Rare Birds…we Thank You! – 12/29/2017

Maruca Thank You Card

→ Not too late…send a Gift Certificate! – 12/15/2017


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→ Tickle your funny bones! – 10/6/2017

→ GoGo is back!!! – 9/1/2017

Maruca bags, textile bags, fabric handbags

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→ New Fall 2017 Homewares are here! – 8/25/2017

Fall 2017 Homewares are now online!

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→ New Fall/Winter 2017 Video! – 8/25/2017

 → New Fall 2017 collection now online! – 7/28/2017

New Fall 2017 collection now online!

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→ View Maruca’s creative process video! – 7/26/2017

→ On the move with Maruca! – 6/8/2017

On the move with Maruca

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→ Happy Mother’s Day! – 5/14/2017

Happy Mother's Day

 → It’s Graduation Time! – 5/1/2017

It's Graduation Time!

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→ Maruca’s Spring/Summer 2017 video is here!! – 3/14/2017

→ Maruca’s Spring/Summer 2017 Homewares! – 3/14/2017

Spring/Summer 2017 Homewares

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→ Thank You!  – 12/22/2016

Thank You

→ Maruca On The Move contest winners!  – 11/14/2016

 Winners of Maruca On The Move contest

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→ Maruca’s Fall 2016 video is here!  – 8/18/2016

→ The Sprout Bag  – 7/7/2016

Sprout Bag

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→ Maruca’s Traveler Bag!  – 5/19/2016

→ Have a lovely weekend!  – 4/8/2016

Have a Lovely Weekend

→ Maruca’s Spring/Summer 2016 video  – 4/7/2016

→ Happy Valentine’s Day!  – 2/14/2016

2016 Maruca Valentine

→ Fall/Winter 2015: Textile Tango Video  – 9/17/2015

→ Your Maruca Wishlist – 11/14/2014

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