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Opinions are like handbags... everyone needs one!

  • Review of TomBoy - Black Eyed Peas
    Great small bag
    I interchange this bag with the sprout and use them for shopping trips, concerts and events when a large bag is cumbersome. Also great for the beach - will tuck nicely in your beach bag and can be removed when heading for a late afternoon drink or snack.
    KT Jul, 2018
  • Review of TomBoy - Doodle Slate
    Love It!!
    I LOVE a small bag as it is not heavy and keeps what I really need handy. The extra zippered pockets are an added bonus! Excellent design and fabric choices.
    Nancy Mar, 2018
  • Review of TomBoy - Retro Red
    Tomboy slings
    I love these small bags that are horizontal. Vertical bags everything falls to the bottom. I recently lost my first Maruca small sling bag! So bummed!!!!!!! a I am ordering two more, but notice two things in the pictures. One: in my old bad the front zipper went all the way across which obviously added more room. Please consider offering that style again. Also, it looks like the interior linings are all black. Doesn't make sense to me. My last one was like a dark taupe. Easy on the eyes and easy to spot stuff in the bag - guessing black won't be as easy to find things easily. But, again, love the small horizontal shape and the narrow strap that you can make long enough to go across the body.
    Patty Apr, 2018
  • Review of TomBoy - Flower Wash
    Favorite Maruca Bag
    I've been carrying Maruca bags for 15+ years. They are so well crafted, I have never worn one out. This new Tomboy style is my favorite. I use it extensively for travel b/c I can keep my phone, money, tickets handy while wearing the bag and then it fits nicely into my backpack. I also use it for the beach so I keep everything handy. It is so easy to access important items. Thanks for creating this style!
    Abird Apr, 2018
  • Review of TomBoy - Flower Wash
    Perfect Size
    I love this practical size and shape bag. I have a large iphone, and this bag is big enough to hold it. I also have room for ID,money,cosmetics, and my keys. The pockets are well though out.My items do not feel crammed. I personally like the long strap. I can wear this bag over my shoulder, or across my body.
    Curly girl Mar, 2018