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  • Review of Pocket Bag - Abstract Black
    Practical and pretty
    I have been trying to downsize in the purse department and I prefer crossbody styles. I have a few larger and a few smaller crossbodies and wanted an in between size that would still fit my phone. I've purchased from Maruca in the past, but had never bought one of the purses. This style is great for just carrying the essentials and not hurting your shoulder in the process.
    Lyndsay Jan, 2019
  • Review of Pocket Bag - Warped Floral Cool
    Love my bag. It's lightweight and small, but holds everything I need. I have a wallet in it, cellphone, checkbook, glasses and can even fit my kindle into it;. It's just a perfect bag with a place for everything and I don't lose things as I have in larger bags. Thank you!!
    Sue Maxwell Oct, 2018
  • Review of Pocket Bag - Moon Jellyfish
    I bought a pocket bag over a year ago because I was traveling a lot and I go junking a lot and don't want to be strapped down with a big bag. Once I loaded it up I never went back to my other bags. It holds an amazing variety of essentials, including my e- reader it zips securely and stays on my shoulder AND...IT STILL LOOKS BRAAND NEW!! I am so pleased with this styling', well made and thought out bag. Hands down the best bag I have ever had.
    Madgardener Feb, 2019