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  • Review of Pocket Bag - Chroma
    The colors are in that seductive netherspace where everything is possible
    This bag is in that fantastic space where you don't know if the background is brown--or black--or brown-black--or black-brown. I live in Oak Park, IL, where we love Frank Lloyd Wright, and here we'd call it tobacco brown, the darkest brown you can get. The sheen of the fabric makes this bag quite elegant and its design is obviously very practical. As we move toward spring, and start discarding heavy layers, it feels wonderful to take off the heavy leather purse and fly free with this very fun and very versatile bag. Thank you for such disarming pairings of textiles. I love this bag!
    Sara Mar, 2017
  • Review of Pocket Bag - Botany Jewel
    Fantastic bag.
    This is the perfect sized beautiful bag! Lots of pockets for wallet, phone, glasses, keys, and more. Thank you for this beautiful creation.
    Shanti Dec, 2016