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  • Review of Pocket Bag - Doodle Slate
    Would've been 5 stars...but....
    Love the size of this literally needs to have more depth! Same style, but add an inch to the depth so you can get more than an envelope in the purse.
    Shane Oct, 2018
  • Review of Pocket Bag - Katazome
    Good Things Can Be Carried in Small Packages
    After doing some serious damage to my neck and shoulders from lugging a huge bag around to carry what I considered “necessities”, I have been trying to downsize in the purse department. After trying almost every small bag on the market I found most of them lacking in either “looks” or “organization” categories”. This bag is the perfect combination of the two elements. The zippered compartments keep precious cargo like phones and keys safe, while the exterior pocket is great for holding notes, pens, shopping lists etc. that need to be readily accessible. The size seems to be just right for wallets and checkbooks (although in future designs, I wouldn’t complain if it was 1/2”-1” deeper...). I am a flight attendant who is addicted to sightseeing jaunts, and this bag is perfect for that. The strap is sturdy enough so that if you needed to attach a small water bottle with a “D-Ring”, you woudn’t worry about breaking the strap. Plus, it looks and feels elegant! Can you tell I love this bag?
    Lisa E. Aug, 2018
  • Review of Pocket Bag - Warped Floral Cool
    Love my bag. It's lightweight and small, but holds everything I need. I have a wallet in it, cellphone, checkbook, glasses and can even fit my kindle into it;. It's just a perfect bag with a place for everything and I don't lose things as I have in larger bags. Thank you!!
    Sue Maxwell Oct, 2018