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Opinions are like handbags... everyone needs one!

  • Review of Cupcake - Basket Black
    I love this little bag!
    In addition to it's being my favorite color, the fabric is simple and stylish. It can be used both with casual wear and more dressy attire. I live in Japan and the bag is in perfect harmony with the Japanese fabrics that I often wear. Thank you!
    Judith Jun, 2017
  • Review of Cupcake - Fandango
    I received my cupcake for my birthday. This a great small sling. It fills weightless even when I have all things in it ;i.e. Credit cards, money, cell phone, inhaler, comb, hand sanitizer, and extras. What was so special is that my credit card holder matches the bag. Super surprise! Keep the designs coming and the unique fabric. Thanks for creating great bags.
    Myrna Nov, 2017