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  • Review of Cupcake - Warped Floral Cool
    My Little Cupcake
    Hi Maruca Design, Thanks for the perfect little sling. Though I was looking for a bigger purse, and still am, looking at you Sparrow, this purse has met my immediate needs in such a beautiful way. I first saw your purses at Dragonfly in Boise, Idaho, earlier this year. I was not looking for myself, but found a lovely birthday gift for a friend, a smaller purse, can't remember which one. I do remember it held a passport and she is prone to traveling. She loved it. Now, as I have been looking for my own special purse, saw that the one other store in town that has your work is the Boise Art Museum, in their gift shop. A new order came in, and this Warped Floral Cool caught my eye, and perfectly holds my minimal carry-with-me stuff, phone, wallet, checkbook and a pen. Thanks. Thanks a bunch. Now, when will the perfect Sparrow fly my way?
    kristen vh Oct, 2018