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  • Review of Cottage Bag - Casbah Espresso
    Wow! Quick service. Gorgeous bag.
    I love, love, love Maruca designs. But they've outdone themselves this time. Beautiful fabrics, nice design, very user friendly. My new favorite.
    Mtvernonva Nov, 2017
  • Review of Cottage Bag - Terrarium Cool
    A bag for all seasons
    Great everything! I love the zip pouch on the back, the 2 pouches on the front, the extra little pocket on the inside plus the light color on the inside so you can see where everything is. Size is perfect for me; just enough for a wallet, keys and a few other essentials. It's smart-looking and light weight and the strap is comfortable and it doesn't slip off my shoulders. You can wear this bag to fit snugly under your arms or make it into a cross-body if you prefer. Great all-around bag! Thanks Maruca for a great design.
    Lynn G. Nov, 2017
  • Review of Cottage Bag - Terrarium Warm
    In Love
    This is the perfect bag. Not too small, not too big. The fabric is sturdy and gorgeous. The color is perfect for those who love a fall pallet. I bought this as a gift for my daughter in law after having a cottage bag of my own for the past year. Light weight and enough room for everything. They mailed it out the same day I ordered it! Great company!
    Chris Oct, 2017