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  • Review of Rail Bag - Lichen Rain
    makes a great "briefcase"
    It's just the right size for several file folder and a legal pad or two, and the wide strap carries the weight well. So much prettier than a briefcase! And it really takes a beating after I stuff it, then throw it around because that's what happens when I travel. Dry cleans beautifully. I don't mind the lack of zipper. I did consider adding a snap to keep the flap down, but over time I'm glad I never got around to that, because the unattached flap allows me to overstuff it when necessary.
    Betsy Feb, 2018
  • Review of Rail Bag - Lichen Rain
    Love the beautiful bag. Why no zipper?
    I took a star off because I had to sew in a zipper myself. It makes the top look a little bunchy (my fault) but I'd rather that than someone dipping in my bag when I'm in a packed train.
    SarahSponda Oct, 2017