GoGo - Casbah Sapphire

“How come Maruca doesn’t still make the GoGo anymore, if you make it a little bigger, it would be great!” It’s now back, and a little bigger aaaaand with new adjustable web strap. . . yay!!! Notice little side pocket for easy cell phone access. . . very cool! E-readers & iPad mini fits nicely!

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13" x 12" x 5" x 4.5" x 2"
Adjustable web strap
Strap drop length: 20" - 32"
Web strap width: 1.5"
GoGo - Casbah Sapphire
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  • GoGo - Casbah Sapphire
  • GoGo - Casbah Sapphire
  • GoGo - Casbah Sapphire
  • GoGo - Casbah Sapphire

Opinions are like handbags... everyone needs one!

Love This Bag!!!!!!
I bought the Go-Go years ago when you first had it out. I saw a lady with it and inquired where to get it. Had to have one immediately. Then you stopped making them for awhile I had three of them and had worn them out. Used them everyday and in every type of occasion. They are perfect. I had been waiting and waiting trying to find used ones. No used ones were to be found. I guess everyone else thought this was a great bag as well and wasn't going to get rid of it. Thank you thank you thank you for bringing this design back.....PLEASE KEEP IT!!!!! I'm a photography and this is perfect to throw a lens in as well. It is perfect when you have children you can throw it over your shoulder and go having hands free yet I can acquire needed things quickly. I'm Super excited. Will be ordering when I receive my next paycheck.

Evansville, In
Michelle Pfaffman Sep, 2017

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