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Opinions are like handbags... everyone needs one!

  • Review of Millie Lu - Retro Red
    Love! Love! Love! This Bag
    This is the only pocketbook I use. I have at least 40-50 of them. I just love the way it fits perfectly under my arm. I can’t believe how much I can fit into it. It is so lightweight yet fits so much. Almost every day someone comments on how they love my purse. Don’t ever stop making this fashion bag. Keep up the good work!!!
    Sandra DeFeo Feb, 2018
  • Review of Millie Lu - Wheat Field
    A Decade Later
    I was at a concert yesterday. Across the way I spotted a lady with a very nice looking purse. I had to walk over to admire it and compliment her on it. She explained that she had it 10 plus now and still loved it. I told her it reminded me of one of my favorite purse designer, Maruca. I asked her if she would kindly open up her bag to see if her label was inside. She did and sure enough it had the Maruca label. I reassured her she could buy a new bag on line or at the Boulder store. I will be visiting the Boulder store this September and will pick up this style. It’s just a lovely fit under one’s arm. I love spotting Maruca Designs which have been many. Until September.
    Rocio Aug, 2018
  • Review of Millie Lu - Fluid Black
    At last!!!
    It was love at first sight! At last a handbag nice and shallow so I can see all the contents of my bag, long enough to contain essentials LIGHTWEIGHT because it’s made of fabric and super stylish for any occasion!!! Thank you Maruca Millie Lu!!!!!
    Sandra Aug, 2018
  • Review of Millie Lu - Warped Floral Warm
    Own one, want another
    I LOVE this bag! So versatile, and unique. I'm planning on getting this. Trying to figure out if I how I could get a coupon, to get it a little cheaper.
    Brookier Aug, 2018