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Opinions are like handbags... everyone needs one!

  • Review of Millie Lu - Confetti Black
    Birthday gift for a friend
    My friend loved my Millie Lu, said she thought it was great how when unzipped you could see the full contents in the bag. So I ordered her one, it was a quick delivery fro CO to PA. Her favorite color is black, so I know she will love this bag. Thank you
    Rebecca Mar, 2017
  • Review of Millie Lu - Jubilee Cool
    Millie Lu
    I had 3 Millie Lu's bought at closing of San Antonio Arts & Cradts center store. Gave 2 away before I realized how convenient these bags are.Now I'm buying more! They fit under your arm & hold everything!
    Carol Porter Kusama Jul, 2017
  • Review of Millie Lu - Heirbloom
    I'm finally giving in!
    I have been selling Maruca bags in our museum store for years. Everyone loves them. My favorite style is Millie Lu but since I make a lot of my own bags I have never bought one for myself. This season's Millie Lu fandango has been screaming my name from her display since I received her in the store and today I am giving in. She is all mine!!!!!
    Lisa Ocampo Jul, 2017