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  • Review of Beetle Wristlet - Folklore
    Ordering my THIRD Beetle
    I keep wearing my Beetle's out. I love them, and use them daily, so alas, it's time for a new one. I'm a teacher, so the Beetles travel in my school bag, and then pop onto my wrist for a trip into a store, restaurant, etc. on my way home. They continue being in use on date nights, theater nights, and more. Each one has lasted more than 18 months with regular daily use. On top of all this, I'm pretty regularly stopped by folks complimenting my Beetle, asking where I got it. . .
    Erin Nov, 2017
  • Review of Beetle Wristlet - Heirbloom
    terrific Beetle
    I LOVE my Beetle and am back for #2 and 3. I use it as my wallet, with coins in one side zip and pennies in the other. Folding money, credit, library and member cards in the main. Maruca bags are so well made with such beautiful and sturdy fabric. I DO want them all. Sigh.
    JeanT Jan, 2017